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Early Electric Vehicles
January 15, 2021 at 9:21 AM
by Homy Mohasel
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During my visit to the Netherlands a few years back, I was taken by my friends to this car museum where surprisingly old Electric Vehicles were on display. This was really supprising to me, to see that EV’s had already made their way into production and application as early as 1893. Baker was one of the first American car makers, if not the first, to build an all Electric Vehicle. In 1899 he launches the “Elegant” with design features looking like the petrol-powered competitors. The batteries were located under the hood and there was obviously no need for a radiator. The floor mounted dashboard was made up of a volt and one Ampere gauge. Although Baker had some success with Elegant, the popularity was soon lost to petrol-powered vehicles as with the introduction of a automated starter block, getting the vehicle drive-ready had become much easier for petrol-engines.

I believe another big factor why this EV did not survive can also be attributed to the fact that late 1900 Electricity was still very new, compared to petroleum products, and not widely available to everyone yet, hence owning an EV would have its own challenges, for example when it comes to charging the batteries. Today, the challenge of having affordable access to Charging stations for EVs is still a challenge for many.

And it is exactly for this reason, why our company, Go Green Texas EV, was established, to play our part in Electrification of Texas and US.


Louwman Museum Netherlands